Carpet Cleaning Secrets for Food Service Establishments

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Providing carpet cleaning services to restaurants and other food service establishments offer a unique challenge. Airborne grease may track onto the carpets from the kitchen, which can attract dirt and dust. Food of all kinds may be spilled – from hamburgers, hotdogs, salads, wines, soda, meat, greasy entrees, syrup. Whether you are dealing with carpet cleaning services for a high-end restaurant or a fast food eatery, the unique challenges posed are the same. There is almost always food residue in the carpets that would need to be cleaned out, and which are not always easy to remove.

This is why most commercial food establishments opt for dark colored carpets that would conceal stains as much as it provides aesthetic appeal to any room. But because the food service industry is dealing with hygiene and sanitary standards, the cleaning processes should apply not only to the kitchen and the handling of food but also to the physical elements of the establishment. And no physical element can affect the air quality and overall cleanliness of an establishment more than its carpets.

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In an industry where cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitation are placed at such a premium, it is imperative for restaurants to hire professional carpet cleaners if they install carpeting in their restaurants. The cleaning process should take place as regularly as possible, but also as efficiently and as unobtrusively as possible, not taking too much time away from the central hub of the restaurant, which is the kitchen. Professional carpet cleaners have the necessary experience, training, and equipment to be able to do a deep and thorough cleaning as quickly and as efficiently as possible, thereby providing as minimal a disruption to the restaurant’s primary business as possible.

Rather unfortunately, carpet cleaning, however necessary, is not an easy job to integrate into the regular and daily operations of a restaurant and food service establishment. And the reason for this is because while restaurant owners are fully aware of the necessity of efficient carpet cleaning services, carpet cleaning services may not always promote customer patronage because of the very nature of the work itself. Food services and carpet cleaning services simply do not mix well together, especially when the two groups of workers are trying to do their job within the same establishment at the same time. The restaurant workers are mainly interested in delivering quality food service, while the carpet cleaning company are interested mainly in providing an efficient and thorough cleaning of the carpets as possible. Naturally, these two purposes might not often coincide.

A customer walking into a restaurant expecting to eat will not have a hearty appetite when he smells the different carpet cleaning chemicals being used to clean the carpets, or worse when he smells the residue of the very dirt, dust, grime, and grease that carpet cleaners do manage to remove from the carpets. And carpets in restaurants can be notoriously dirty, more so than in any other commercial establishment, because of the nature of their business. Airborne grease tracking in from the kitchens and settling onto practically everything, spilled food and beverages on the carpets, and customers walking in and out with a high turnaround, each potential customer tracking in dirt and dust from the outdoors. What you then have is carpeting that is a hodgepodge of dirt, grease, food and beverage stains, dust, and various other particles that really should be cleaned, and as soon as possible.

But of course, the restaurant’s interest is delivering food service without a hitch. They might not like how the carpet cleaning process is affecting the restaurant’s operations, but they know they have no choice because the cleaning is necessary. What results is an unhappy alliance that often leaves restaurant owners unhappy with the result, and so leaving the carpet cleaners unhappy, too.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are dealing with carpet cleaning within the food service establishment:

  • Use removable mats along the traffic lanes

Much of the problem areas in a restaurant’s carpet are along the traffic lanes, where feet can trod in dirt, grease, dust, mud, and other particles. If you install removable mats in the first place, this will keep the worst of the traffic stains from getting onto the carpet itself. But best of all, these can be easily removed, cleaned and replaced, without severely disrupting the restaurant’s regular operations.

  • Stinky Odors after carpet cleaning can mean that you need to change your carpet cleaning service

Most of the time, that stinking odor that permeates the air comes from the carpet and is a result of all the cleaning chemicals used upon it. The reason why the smell is often so strong is because the carpets have yet to fully dry. Unfortunately for the restauranteur, the very same stinking odor is what could potentially drive his customers away. Who wants to eat in an establishment where the very act of breathing is potentially unhealthy and certainly unappetizing?

There are some carpet cleaning methods, and the method that is used largely depends on the type of carpet that the restaurant has. As opposed to residential carpets, commercial carpets are usually denser, which is why the drying process might be considered difficult. The downside is that if the carpet hasn’t fully dried, it also becomes a magnet for even more grease, dirt, dust, pollutants, and airborne particles as soon as the restaurant resumes its operations, and the very dampness of the carpet itself makes it a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and molds.

If you are a restaurant manager looking to hire a carpet cleaning company, be sure to ask them when the carpet will dry completely. This usually requires more attention and care and thus can mean more expensive service, but given the alternative, and given the nature of the food industry business, carpet cleaning shouldn’t be an area where the restaurant’s budget skimps on.

Sometimes, it isn’t just a matter of surviving the unpleasant cleaning experience, but a matter of finding good service that suits your needs. These can sometimes be more expensive, but quality should be the standard here, not how cheap the service offered is.