About Us

Making sure to keep your chilidog couches and carpets don’t stain your carpet takes a lot of skill that takes a lifetime to develop. Skills, that most of us don’t possess… So instead of making a website dedicated to the art of not spilling your condiments on your furniture, we opted to master the art of cleaning mustard, ketchup, and meat stains to share to the world.

It all started when we stained my wife’s cashmere sofa, the fear of the end of my marriage and the guilt of my friends allowed us to turn into a crack team of researchers finding a way to save my sofa, and in turn my marriage. It took the whole day, but we manage to make the couch cushion look as good as new, which is where we discovered our knack for cleaning.

The amount of knowledge we acquired online allowed us to become adept in upholstery cleaning, creating a business that allowed me and my friends to prosper. We later decided to thank the universe by giving something back, thus jimmysredhots.com was born, a site that contains some of the knowledge we had acquired to save ourselves that dreadful day.

Currently, it might not contain everything we know about cleaning stains out, but it has enough knowledge in it to save you and your friends from what we understand was an accidental spill. As cleaners in the industry, we have to keep a few trade secrets to allow our business to thrive. In time though we will share more and more secrets and tips to removing stains.

We are not just some; “how to remove stain” site, we are educators, one that aims to keep cleanliness and the peace and balance of the home intact. A helping had to save yourself from you condiment-related mistake.