The History of Jimmy’s Red Hots

Jimmy’s Red Hots is a Chicago Land hot dog stand located on Chicago’s West Side. Jimmy’s location would be considered in between Garfield and Humbolt Parks. Located at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Pulaski, Jimmy’s has called this intersection home for over 55 years. We go back to when Pulaski was still called Crawford!

Jimmy’s is family owned and operated still to this day. For over 55 years Jimmy’s has tried its best to keep serving what Chicago knows to be the best Depression style hot dogs and polish sausage. We do it our way or no way. What you see is what you get. You get what you pay for. No charge for the entertainment.

Ladies and Gentlemen we only serve all beef products topped with fresh condiments. There is absolutely positively without question NO FREAKING KETCHUP AT JIMMY’S! No means no. It doesn’t mean maybe on the side, in the bottles, or even in packs. Placing that foul condiment on a Chicago Style Depression Dog or Polish is like violating a tradition. So when you come to Jimmy’s remember Ketchup is outlawed. NO MEANS NO!

Why? We at Jimmy’s have a strong sense of tradition. Traditions are slowly fading away in present day American society. Jimmy’s is not only a landmark in Chicago but also stands as a tribute to tradition. Ketchup is not a condiment that was ever used so we continue that tradition and will always remain that way despite ridicule and pressure from non-Chicago residents or people who just don’t know any better. So if you can understand the reasons or at least respect them come on by and try one or a few!