Easy Hotdog Recipes on the Go

Working carpet cleaners are usually on the go, moving from location to location wherever their services are required, bringing with them all the necessary equipment that would help them get the job done. It is a job that doesn’t allow much flexibility in terms of getting a good meal while you are on the job since it is generally unsafe to leave all of one’s equipment and products lying around. It is also extremely unprofessional to leave a job before it is done and before the carpets are clean, so many carpet cleaners end up having to pack a lunch to get sustenance while they are on the job.


One of the easiest, and easily a common favorite among us, are various hotdog recipes that a working carpet cleaner can take with him on the go.

The great thing about hotdog recipes is that you can get so much variety and flexibility simply by changing the toppings that you place on the hotdog. The basic components are, of course, the same: grilled hotdogs on a bun. Classic toppings include mustard, ketchup, and relish. If you are looking for a bit more variety, however, check out the following recipes:

  • Hotdogs with Bacon, Tomatoes, and Onions

Many have found an amazing hotdog combo by wrapping hotdogs in deep-fried bacon and then loading it with some of the classical toppings including tomatoes and onions. You may also occasionally want to add beans, some mayonnaise, and jalapeno to give it a bit of a bite.

  • Hotdogs with Chili

Chili and Hotdogs on a bun are always a magnificent combination. Just slather some of your favorite chili recipes on top of and around that hotdog, and you have a wonderful chili dog that tickles the taste buds as it warms the heart and the stomach.

  • Hotdogs with Sauerkraut

If you have the cravings for the flavors of sauerkraut, by all means, do so. You might want to add some lettuce, onions, and even cabbages, just to balance out the flavors. Top it all off with a dash of mustard.

  • Hotdogs with Peaches and Salsa

Use sliced peaches, salsa, and some chopped jalapenos for a flavorful hotdog sandwich that is perfect for the summer.

  • Hotdogs with cheese, pickles, and mustard

This is a more classic recipe that uses some of the more classical and traditional toppings for hotdogs. Using cheese, pickles, you can create a spicy and hot hotdog recipe with excitement in every bite.